Company Formation App Terms and Conditions



1. Company Formation Service

These Company Formation Terms and Conditions (the “Company Formation Terms”) set forth the terms and conditions under which B&F Services LTD (“Company Formation App”) agrees to provide you with a company formation service.


2. Services you will receive from Company Formation App

2.1.  Company Formation Appwillactasyourspecialistonlinecompanyformationagent.Wewillassist you in incorporating a private company limited by shares with Companies House (clickhere for more information about Companies House) using its electronic filing service. We will not charge you any fees for this service and willpayonyourbehalfincorporationchargesrequiredbyCompaniesHouse toincorporateyourcompany.WhileatpresentCompany Formation Apponlysupportstheformation of private companies limited by shares, Company Formation App may, at its discretion, offer the formation of other types of legal entities in the future. We will update our company formation FAQs if this becomes the case.


2.2.  ByacceptingtheseCompanyFormationTerms,youauthoriseCompany Formation Apptoactas your company formation agent and submit documentation to Companies House on your behalf.


2.3. Thedocumentationyouarerequiredtosubmittoincorporateyourcompany, as well as the documentation Company Formation App will email you once the incorporation is complete,aresetoutinourcompanyformationFAQs.Youareresponsiblefor ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information and documentation you submit to the Company Formation App for the purposes of incorporating your company and the proper spelling of names.


2.4. Wemayfromtimetotimeintroduceadditionalfeaturestoourcompany formation service to improve the overall customer experience. Details of any new features will be included in our company formation FAQs.


3. What is not included in the service?

3.1.UnlessexplicitlyprovidedotherwiseinourcompanyformationFAQs, our services do not include the following:

(a) any advisory services

(b) apre-submissionreviewofthedocumentsandinformationyouprovideus to incorporate your company

(c) accounting assistance

(d) assistance with your tax matters or liaising with HMRC on your behalf

(e) company secretarial services

(f) maintenanceofthestatutorybooksofyournewCompany.Youwillneedto arrange these separately.

 4. Data Protection

Company Formation App’s  Privacy Policy appliestothepersonaldatayousharewithusinrelationtothe company formation service. We may collect and process the following information to formyournewcompany:yourfullname,residentialaddresses(currentandprevious), dateofbirth,placeofbirth,telephonenumber,emailaddress,mother’smaidenname, father’s forename, passport number, national insurance number, occupation, nationality, business trading address, a business registered office address, company country of registration, business category, SIC code(s).